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QuadroStarPRO, the first yellow solid state laser for dermatology Thanks to its special yellow wavelength of 577 nm, situated at the maximum peak of hemoglobin absorption, it represents the gold standard for vascular treatment for facial blood vessels. Fast, effective and safe, it is also suitable for the treatment of darker skins (no melanin absorption). Unlike old Copper Bromide lasers, QuadroStarPRO has no consumables and no running costs. A scanner with integrated skin cooling is available, allowing faster and less painful treatments on extended areas (e.g. couperose). All this in a table top device weighing just 12 kg.

MeDioStar NeXT: the new era of epilation
The fastest high-power diode device available for hair removal, skin whitening, skin rejuvenation, acne and vascular treatments.
Advances in design and technology allow the MeDioStar NeXT to be portable, faster and more powerful with no consumables. The unique range of wavelengths, integrated contact cooling and homogeneous spot profile guarantee excellent results and a safe and precise treatment on all skin types. New SmoothPulse mode delivers excellent results rapidly whist maximizing patient comfort.

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