A strong healthy body is everything. Take good care of yours, with the help of Ameriderm/Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery. We can alleviate your skin, hair and nail concerns. Plus, we offer a variety of exciting ways to maintain your youthful edge. Look to us for a customized healthcare regimen that fits your needs. Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery can help you discover a great-looking, confident person - the real you.

Ameriderm was born from the dermatology practice of Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Matt Leavitt opened his first office in 1990. Since then the practice has added over 50 locations throughout the USA. We are arguably the largest dermatology practice in the country.

While “big” does not necessarily mean “better”, our size and experience have created a systematic and disciplined approach to billing and collections.

Our philosophy is centered on three main ideas:
Ensure the claim is submitted RIGHT the first time.
Get the claim out FAST.
FIGHT for complete payment of the claim regardless of amount.
We successfully combine our years of experience and knowhow with proven technology tools. This approach separates Ameriderm from “just another billing service”. We stand behind our process with solid empirical evidence of our results.

Collections turnover (days sales outstanding) - less than 20 days!
Percent of contractual allowed collected - greater than 97%.
These results put your money in your pocket...real fast.
Please feel free to call me directly at 407.875.2080 ext. 1244 to discuss your specific situation.

David Morell