Biomed Diagnostics develops, manufactures and supplies the distinctive InTray™ and InPouch™ devices for physicians and veterinarians to conveniently collect, detect and identify disease causing microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and parasites. The unique InTray™ DM is an easy and effective method of dermatophyte fungi detection. This is just one the simple, sensitive and specific InTray™ products, that combine inoculating, transporting and testing in a single device. These tests do not require expensive laboratory equipment or advanced technical training. Our products are available worldwide to improve human and animal health daily.

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Biomed InTray™ DM (Dermatophyte Fungi)

Biomed InTray™ DM (Dermatophyte Fungi)

Biomed Diagnostics InTray™ DM provides simultaneous detection and easy observation of dermatophyte fungi, enabling simple identification. Dermatophytes are a specific group of fungi that cause common skin, nail, and hair infections in both humans and animals. Dermatophytes are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted across species and are generally made up of the three genera: Microsporum, Epidermophyton and Trichophyton. Infections caused by these fungi are commonly referred to as “tinea” or “ringworm.” read more