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MJD markets your practice online, in your office, and on hold. Our products are designed to increase your consults and procedures. With over 30 years’ marketing experience, we know what works!

…NEW Wide Screen Procedure Videos for your website and for your waiting room, exam rooms, spa, or open house.

…NEW Responsive Websites that look great on any screen or mobile device.

…NEW Procedure Brochure titles, covers and text. Choose from over 100 titles all available with information about you.

…NEW Digital Messages-On-Hold equipment and recordings to keep patients on hold informed.

…NEW listings get you found! Limited by Google on a first come basis.

At MJD, our goal is to expand medical practices through improved patient education. Our focus is to provide Patient-Friendly™ information about cosmetic procedures written and produced in such a way as to encourage increased consultations with our clients. To accomplish this, we offer the highest quality, client reviewed and tested practice marketing products designed and priced for every taste and budget.

Since our inception in 1991, MJD has assisted over three thousand practices to increase cosmetic procedures and improve patient satisfaction. We provide private label brochures to one Medical Society and are the preferred provider for two others. For these honors we thank our Medical Advisors and our loyal customers. They own our products and advise us every day on keeping them current.

Please browse our product information in this website and let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our product line.

Best regards,

Michael Dougherty - President, CEO
Karen Simmons - Vice President