Located in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, Abella Skin Care, Inc.™ began operation in May of 1999. Since that time, Abella has grown from local distribution to distributing to several countries throughout the world.

The President of Abella, Eliana Belmonte, DDS, left her career in dentistry in 1991 to pursue the challenges and opportunities available in the world of cosmeceutical products servicing physicians. Working directly with patients, Dr. Belmonte was able to experience the connection that linked procedures and products to optimal results.

Realizing that ethnic skin demands specialized formulations, Dr. Belmonte has been successful in developing products and catering to that specialized market. Abella's product literature is now available in bilingual, Spanish/English packaging.

Due to the changing lifestyle of today's consumers, we have developed a line that is simple....yet effective. With an ever-increasing demand for the Abella products, we are setting the trend in offering the latest in skin care.


* Cellution C™
* ColorShade™ SPF 30+
* Convenience Kits
* CortiGel™
* Dual Cleanser™
* Enliten™
* Exfoliating Cleanser™
* Facial Moisturizer™
* Ingredients & Technology
* Miami Peel™
* Renewal Gel™
* Solar Shade™
* Sun Facts

A Workshop for Building Techniques & Skills for a Successful Skin Care Practice

Our mission is to empower you with clinical and aesthetic skin care knowledge and techniques in order to help you advance to a more successful career and financial potential. As a skin care specialist, or even a beginner, anyone wishing to sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge of the skin and the use of products can benefit from this Workshop. Whether your office is currently dispensing Abella Skin Care products, or you are just considering the addition of skin care to your practice, this Workshop is for you.

Our classes feature:

Skin Care Basics/Physiology of the Skin
Skin Classifications & pH
Ingredients & Terminology
Product Review
Working with Todays New Technologies (microdermabrasion/laser)
Treatment Protocols
Patient Management
Hands on