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AAD Members know Kentek for the many options we have for eye protection for laser, intense light (IPL) and X-Ray applications.

For PHYSICIANS....Kentek has the largest selection of filters and frame styles in the industry. We offer laser safe eyewear in polycarbonate, filter glass, and specialty coatings. Styles include spectacles, goggles, wraps, fitovers, and loupes.

For PATIENTS....Kentek has a wide range of products including stainless steel eye covers, disposable patient eye shields, intraocular safety shields and other tools of the trade.

Custom Products....Kentek stands alone when it comes to customer service. If you dont find exactly what you need from our stock products, call a Kentek representative at 1-800-432-2323 for assistance in developing a solution just for you.

Prescription Eyewear....Kentek is expert at prescription laser safety eyewear. We have many options and our prices are very reasonable.

Heres a summary of everything Kentek can provide to laser users:

Laser Safety Products:

EYEWEAR many filters, unique styles, glass, polycarbonate, coated
BARRIERS high powered Ever-Guard® and regular duty Flex-Guard™
CURTAINS ceiling mounted, floor mounted, and “I-beam” suspensions in high-powered Ever-Guard® and regular duty Flex-Guard™
VIEWING WINDOWS glass and acrylic windows available; same day “cut and ship” service on most acrylic window configurations
WINDOW COVERS blocks and shades in Flex-Guard™
SIGNS & LABELS dozens of standard configurations, or design your own
INTERLOCK SYSTEMS Entry-Guard™ system connects your laser to magnetic door locks, remote Stop and Start buttons, keypad entry switches, signs and more
TRAINING on site and public laser safety training courses for beginners and experts

Laser Components:

Rods and crystals, new and reworked
Flashlamps and flowtubes, stock and custom-designed
Laser Diode Modules
Pump Chambers and Laser Cavities

Laser Accessories:

View-It® real-time beam viewing products
Trap-It™ beam dumps, air-cooled and water-cooled options
Zap-It® burn paper and imaging films
Power meters featuring Synrad PowerWizard® and OPHIR products