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Elon offers products dedicated to caring for the hair, skin and nails. With treatments for treating cracked, peeling nails, skin care for those with eczema and irritated skin, and restorative products for thinning hair, Elon truly treats the body from head to toe.

The ELON Thinning Hair System is another treatment option that is recommended by dermatologists to combat hair loss and aid in the growth of healthier, thicker hair. All 3 systems (Original, Early Stages, and Advanced Stages) are explained in full in the “Hair Essentials” section of the ELON website. The ELON Thinning Hair Systems combat hair loss both topically and orally for the best results possible.

It is important to start treatment right away. This is especially true for men because men tend to lose their hair follicles faster and more frequently then women. Men should start using the ELON Thinning Hair System at the first signs of hair thinning to strengthen the root system right away.