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Ulthera is an emerging ultrasound-based medical technology company that is raising the bar for aesthetic medical procedures. While the demand and promise for noninvasive energy-based procedures continue to grow, the ability to consistently deliver safe, significant, and satisfying results has been elusive. Ulthera is a company dedicated to achieving these types of results through elective medical procedures for rejuvenation of the skin and its underlying tissue.

The Ulthera™ System, with its patented DeepSEE™ technology, is an engineering triumph that has adapted the imaging and therapy capabilities of time-honored medical ultrasound to address the unmet needs of the aesthetic marketplace. What began as an exploration of image-guided cancer therapy evolved over seven years into the founding of Ulthera, Inc. This new technology will only be available to trained physicians.

Ulthera is defined not only by its proprietary technology, but also by its people: the Ulthera team comprises experts in their respective fields who have joined forces to make a game-changing contribution to medical aesthetics. This includes a sensibility to the intricacies of a procedure that is a cosmetic option and not a medical necessity. This also includes a commitment to ensuring a positive Ulthera experience at every touch point with patients, practitioners, industry colleagues, suppliers and beyond.