Doctors Dispensary features a quality line of private labeled skin care products for in-office dispensing. As we continue to grow, year after year, we have added many new and exciting products to our line, incorporating the latest advances in skin care technology. We are proud that the products we offer were formulated at the request of eminent dermatologists who continue to use them as effective treatments for their patients.

Our R & D laboratory is constantly working to improve existing products and to create new and effective skin care treatments. The same laboratory is available to you on a contract basis and offers private formulation and product development assistance to those doctors desiring to create their own products, or skin care line.

Above all, Doctors Dispensary is a pharmaceutical company founded on the sound principals of dermatology. Consistent with these principals is our concern for the quality and efficacy of our products which undergo rigid quality assurance and in-process testing. In addition to meeting the highest standard of excellence, our products are hypoallergenic, thereby assuring your patients the maximum therapeutic benefit, with minimum risk.

Doctors Dispensary is in business to service you, the doctor, and continues to be the name behind many successful dermatology practices. We hope that you will take advantage of our experience and expertise by choosing a quality line of skin care products you can promote, under your name, with confidence.


Steven T. Blackman
President & C.E.O.