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TRAVEL TECH Mohs Services, Inc. is an on-site mohs technician service providing the highest quality mohs frozen sectioning. Our mission is to maximize client’s quality of care in mohs surgery using our knowledge, skill, and efficiency. Reliable and consistent accuracy is proof of our personal dedication to every client’s needs.

Travel Tech Mohs Services, Inc. is a California corporation and service provider for many prestigious medical institutions, including various UC medical centers and Kaiser Permanente care centers. We also provide service to many distinguished dermatologists across the United States. With a highly skilled crew of full-time technicians, our service is the best choice for your Mohs histology needs. We are ever expanding and ready to provide service based on regional demand.

Our on-site mohs technician service has many advantages to the alternative of supporting a full-time mohs lab in your office. Our technicians perform mohs histology 5 days a week working in a myriad of office environments. We bring that unique work experience into your office for the benefit of your mohs surgeries. We provide all of the equipment for the mohs lab, which greatly reduces your startup costs. The quality and speed of our technicians allow you to make a more accurate diagnosis, and perform more surgeries per day, which more than covers the cost of using our service.

When you hire our company to fill your mohs technician needs, you get more than great slides. You get the expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail that makes the difference in this procedure. With tumor removal at the cellular level, our service is what you need.

Call our toll-free number prior to the desired date of surgery. We will bring all the equipment, chemicals, and supplies necessary for the laboratory portion of the surgery.