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Polhemus is the industry leader in handheld 3D scanners. The Polhemus scanning system, FastSCAN™, is a unique handheld laser scanner that allows users to instantly capture complex surface images without using registration marks, special fixtures or the need for complete post processing of data. In combination with Delta software, volumetric and surface measurements of pre and post operative scans can be easily calculated. Delta™ software is the ultimate solution for analysis of data from intricate 3D surfaces. Delta incorporates a simple intuitive graphical user interface that displays comparative dual windows for ease of use. Delta allows the user to perform analytical tasks such as calculating and displaying a volumetric displacement map, calculate volume differences, and make surface measurements to include circumferences and contours.

VSCAN...Anywhere, Anytime

FastSCAN™ Goes Where You Go
This unique, portable, 3D laser scanning system instantly acquires data and digitally renders it in real-time. Free-form scanning gives you the ability to freely move the low weight handheld scanning wand around the object you are scanning without being tethered to a mechanical arm.

Real Results in RealTime
FastSCAN instantly acquires three dimensional surface images when you sweep the handheld laser scanning wand over an object in a manner similar to spray painting.

Superior Doctor - Patient Experience
FastSCAN improves the treatment experience for the patient, doctor and clinician. No messy or painful procedures are needed to create an ideal 3D surface scan. In a matter of minutes a scan file can be created, edited and ready for export to a variety of 3D modeling applications to facilitate automated milling or integration with other applications such as image guided surgery.