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Mattioli Engineering is a global, research-driven company dedicated to providing state of the art technology to the medical community; specifically in the field of dermatology, skin care, cosmetic and general surgery.

Our mission is to be fully dedicated to providing new devices and new technologies to the medical community particularly focusing on dermatology, skin care, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and general surgery and to create a world-wide network of customers experienced in using our devices and relevant techniques successfully.
Mattioli Engineering : more than 15 years of success:

Mattioli Engineering developed its first Microdermabrasion System in 1991 and established the company that same year. The founders have been working in the medical industry since 1980. The company’s extensive experience in the medical and cosmetic field enables us to develop features, which are protected by patented rights exclusively to Mattioli Engineering. The Ultrapeel® procedures are available everywhere in the world. Mattioli Engineering’s presence in the USA market accounts for more than 1,500 units installed and the international market with more than 4.000 units sold. Ultrapeel® Systems are recognized as the standard for this kind of technology. Many research and clinical studies have been done with our Microdermabrasion Systems, allowing for the 1996 FDA clearance on such equipment. The clinical data included a Dermal Toxicity Study performed by Biocon Inc., Rockville, MD. Medical reports using our systems were written by Dr. L. Marini & Dr. R. Lo Brutto, Dr. A. Canella, Dr. S. Rosato and others. The 510K was released for the use of the Ultrapeel® Microdermabrasion Systems on scar revision, tattoo removal and general dermabrasion. The Ultrapeel® Systems are also CE marked. Mattioli Engineering has been inspected and is compliant with the GMP rules.

Mattioli Engineering opened the American microdermabrasion market in 1996 when it introduced its Ultrapeel® Crystal and Ultrapeel® Pepita Microdermabraders. The Ultrapeel® machines feature several patented components including:
- Closed delivery kit—allows for fewer clogs and a higher degree of sterilization
- A one-way flow of micro-crystals – Sealed disposable bottles
- 45 V-Shaped Disposable tips
- Gamma ray sterilized corundum powder

Ultrapeel® Microdermabrasion Systems are completed by the introduction of the new proprietary Dermoelectroporation® technology thru Transderm® Ionto powered drug delivery system indicated for the local administration of Ionic drug solution into the body for medical purposes, lately cleared by FDA in late 2003. Transderm® Ionto can be used an alternative to injections. Transderm® Ionto system uses Dermoelectroporation® Technology to deliver Ionic drug solution into the body and when connected to Ultrapeel® microdermabrader allows a very efficient transdermal delivery of products.

Transderm® Ionto System provides the following:
- Skin Bio Revitalization treatments
- Cellulite treatments
- Needles free Mesotherapy applications
- Pre Laser treatments
- Skin Resurfacing