ADVALIGHT – introducing solid-state yellow lasers to dermatologists
Advalight is the company behind ADVATx and was founded in 2006 at the Technical University of Denmark.

The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has a sales and service office in San Diego, CA, USA. Through distributors we make the ADVATx laser available to physicians around the globe.

The company is primarily funded by seed capitalist CAPNOVA, Vaekstfonden and Welfare Tech Invest

… is to develop and market dermatology lasers based on a deep insight to the dermatologist’s working conditions and patient needs.

By introducing a new technology built on solid-state laser technology operating in yellow-wavelength, we support today’s dermatologists in improving results for their patients, freeing up time for treating more patients and reducing the clinic’s costs and use of consumables.

…is to provide innovative, best in class laser technology to advance the treatment of dermatological disorders.

We will do this by introducing the modern dermatologist to a new generation of medical lasers, which offer:

Immediate and long-term results
Lower costs and maintenance
Easy to use and no downtime
Elimination of toxic consumables
By simplifying lasers for dermatology, Advalight seeks to meet the general challenges faced by dermatology. We hear time and again that the technology is complicated, that there is a lack of knowledge and that treatment is reserved for the few.

… is to be the world’s leading innovator of medical dermatology lasers.

We will do this by creating the most advanced and effective medical lasers in the market, so simple, reliable and user-friendly that they can be used world wide.