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Everyone at Marina Medical is very thankful to each of our customers for providing us with another year of outstanding growth.

Now that we have completed ten successful years in business, we would like to do something for each of you who have provided us with sustained support and confidence in the Marina Medical product line. Thus, we have launched the first Preferred Customer Awards Program in the industry. We want to thank those who have been loyal to Marina Medical. As a member of the Preferred Customer Awards Program you begin to earn higher discounts and free instruments through your normal purchases of Marina Medical Instruments.

Every Preferred Customer will receive a monthly statement indicating how many points they have accumulated and what awards are available in exchange for these points. This program is totally free and without further obligation on behalf of our customers. It is our way of saying "Thanks!".

To become a Marina Medical Preferred Customer, simply use the 800 Toll Free number to contact your Marina representative and ask for a Preferred Customer application. An application is also available through our web site, As soon as the application is completed and returned, your points start to accumulate toward future awards that result in greater discounts and even free instruments.