Why choose PDSMED?
We have more than years of experience developing and supporting management and records systems tailored for the medical community. More than 7,000 physicians use our products nationwide. More than 35 specialties rely on our specific workflows and features to address their distinct, unique needs.

More reasons to choose PDSMED
A Simple Fee Structure That Doesn’t Change
You deserve to know exactly what you’re getting and how much it’s going to cost. Unlike some other programs, all of our charges are clearly defined by our simple, easy-to-understand pricing document. So you get best-in-business practice management that saves you money, generates maximum income and gives you more time to spend with your patients. All at a price you can count on.

Whenever You Call Us, We’ll Be Around
When you call, we answer. And more than nine times out of 10, we answer your question immediately. So you know we’ll be there to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that your system continually supports your patient care while earning a profit.